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It started as a mere notion of developing something fairly related to chocolate and today it’s a sinful indulgence for all chocolate lovers.

Chocolate assorted with smooth twirls of thick milk, then combined to a delectable extravagance and chilled is the supreme. It’s so velvety and sinuous in your mouth that it slithers down your throat with no effort! Neither a nibble to eat nor a sip to drink, it’s a bliss for all your cravings.

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Client Speak

  • “I am crazy about Ice Cream Magic.... Its simply awesome.... beyond imagination!!! - Priti (Kandivali)”

  • “I can have Ice Cream Magic 1000000......times a day.... and even then i wont be satisfied... ;-) Manisha (Andheri - Lokhandwala)”

News & Events

  • In Pune 2 More outlets Opening Soon.......
  • 2 More outlets in Delhi & Uttar Pradesh process .

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